ICE Bowl stamps

Norways and maybe also the worlds first frisbee stamp

To the "Bergen Ice Bowl 2008" we have created a limmited amount of post stamps (x block with 8 stamps each) with the Ice Bowl logo as motive. The stamps are valid for "A-post" (priotare mail) within Norway.


Each block will be sold for 50$ each, but one can pay more if one wants ... ;-)
Shipping will be 7$, and for a total of 19$ it can be sent as registred mail.

Mail Roar Gjøsæter on roar [a] gjoseter no to order and for payment details (will use
The stamps will be posted sometime after january 12.


All proceeds from the sales of stamps goes to Childrens ward, Haukeland University Hospital (in norwegian) who is the charity Bergen Ice Bowl 2008 supports this year.

Se single stampt



Frimerke blokk lukket

Open block (with 8 stamps)

Frimerke blokk åpen

And for those who might wonder, yes we have cleared this with owners of the copyright to the logo.